Simon Sinek and Leadership

I love how he defines leadership. I left a job because I did not feel supported. This process devastated me in every aspect but we live and learn.

Thinking You Know Your Partner

Oh how blind I was to think that I knew my partner. I cannot believe to this day that I knew him. Now I know. I now know to give his space and not try to talk with him. I am learning I guess.I am a learning machine.

Oh my soul

Oh how I knew nothing of marriage. I feel like I knew nothing about this when I was dating. I am feeling as though I start from the beginning about my understanding of marriage. I am laughing for the lack of understanding of this thing called marriage. I would hear how it is hard and I know feel like I underestimated it. It requires work, patience, healing, forgiveness and more. I feel mad at myself for underestimating this commitment, energy and work. But I guess we live and learn. I feel now that we are learning about each other asContinue reading “Oh my soul”

Binge Watching Habits

This insomnia plus the feeling of guilt. Oh how I wish I could do something about this. Today we watched some Netflix and chilled. Normally, I would not feel bad about spending my Sunday evening just watching Netflix however today just been one of those days. I still don’t understand why I feel this way, whenever I watch 7 hours of binge. I know it is not a good thing. Another thing that surprises me is how some people are just okay spending 7 hours in front of tv. It is beyond me, I cannot comprehend the reasoning of notContinue reading “Binge Watching Habits”

The Middle- “Just try your best, Try everything you can, Don’t you worry what they tell themselves, When you’re away”

Audrey Assad’s song is so beautifully sang. I think I am connected to lyrics of the songs more than the song it self. But this music just touched my heart to a point I danced around the room and singing at the same time. Does this happen to you a lot? It’s so beautiful. She says hey don’t write yourself off yet. Also says, “It just takes some time, Little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride, Everything, everything will be just fine, Everything, everything will be all right” How many times did you need to hear those sayings?Continue reading “The Middle- “Just try your best, Try everything you can, Don’t you worry what they tell themselves, When you’re away””

Purpose than a job or career, purpose is an essential element of you

Wow that is amazing. Chadwick Boseman I think nailed what I had in mind. Just incredible how beautiful souls can just shine and there is no “language for shining”. He says, TAKE the hard way! The way that has purpose in it, conflictions and that “right gut mentality”. I have been struggling with this I admit. I have not been honest in shaping the direction of my blog these days and what to write. Well, no more confusion. I got my answer today (partly thanks to Google recommending stuff and knowing if I am awake or asleep :p) People whoContinue reading “Purpose than a job or career, purpose is an essential element of you”

You Got This!

I feel like I need this reminder all the time. Right now, I need it more than ever. My family member got diagnosed with Hepotocellular Carcinoma, Liver Cancer right before Christmas and it has been a rocky start to a new year. But it is alright because I got this! It was difficult to hear the news, it shocked and shook our family in a whole different direction. But then, it is normal I guess to feel this way. My significant other would say “It’s okay to feel those emotions”. I think it really is okay to be a messContinue reading “You Got This!”


I admit being productive makes me motivated in every aspect of my life. I also admit it is one of the hardest things to do. I realize small things such as a good laptop stand and good office environment truly makes a big difference. Few days ago, I was looking for an office desk that was comfortable when I sit and write. I don’t know where I learned but when sitting in the office, the monitor should really be facing right in front of your eye. Slight mismatch of the angles resulting in eye problems in the future. Sometimes IContinue reading “Productivity”

Who says we can’t have fun with words like “Best is Yet to Come”

Who says we have to live this life without fun. Speaking of fun, by now you are aware how much I love writing to my blogs. I once met a girl who was so beautiful and into sticking letters to the walls to express herself. I think everyone has their own way of expressing who they are as a person and this girl liked some of the words she liked on her wall. As a writer who loves words to express thyself, it was so cute to see her do that. She would have these cursive black stick letters andContinue reading “Who says we can’t have fun with words like “Best is Yet to Come””

Something about the lights

I love these decorations. Somehow something about the lights are so beautiful especially the white ones. Decorating your wall, curtain or room makes a person own the space, claim it. It allows them to appreciate the beauty of living and every little pieces involved after the finish. I found these photos from Amazon and I absolutely love the decorations. It was so hard to resist not to get them so I own two pieces of the white curtain soft lightsjust because I am a sucker for these kinds of things and I need these cosy feelings :p (I am attachingContinue reading “Something about the lights”


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Hi, I’m Munara. I am a part-time crafts enthusiast, wife & a full-time tax accountant. One Life Decor is an interior design and lifestyle blog founded in 2019 dedicated to beauty, creative and authentic living. Here you’ll find things from different planners and home decor to wedding decor, clothing, relationship & motivational words etc.

I love writing and being able to reflect from time to time to appreciate beauty around me. I love creating beauty and creating art from scratch. There is definitely something about it that I love and sharing. It is definitely freeing and being able to communicate in this way is very interesting and underrated in my opinion. 

I believe we have such a limited period of living in that we have only one chance to do the things we love and make an impact. I created this site with hopes to authentically connect this inner creativity with everyone and share beauty outwardly. I hope this website can be an inspiration for a positive change and creative living and hope that it will inspire you in some way to either for you to be creative or enjoy this one life full with or without decor 🙂

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