Purpose than a job or career, purpose is an essential element of you

Wow that is amazing. Chadwick Boseman I think nailed what I had in mind. Just incredible how beautiful souls can just shine and there is no “language for shining”. He says, TAKE the hard way! The way that has purpose in it, conflictions and that “right gut mentality”.

I have been struggling with this I admit. I have not been honest in shaping the direction of my blog these days and what to write. Well, no more confusion. I got my answer today (partly thanks to Google recommending stuff and knowing if I am awake or asleep :p)

People who inspire, I am noticing they exonerate, release power and hope and just beautiful inward no matter if the person is male or female, young or old, white or black.

This speech he gave at Howard University just outwardly puts a person at a realization and a push to make that big decision when decisions are uncertain and complicated.

Just love love it and best of all he says “New Realization Shines On You Today, Press on with Pride, Purpose, God Bless You I love Howard, Howard Forever” RIP :'( Chadwick

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