You Got This!

I feel like I need this reminder all the time. Right now, I need it more than ever. My family member got diagnosed with Hepotocellular Carcinoma, Liver Cancer right before Christmas and it has been a rocky start to a new year. But it is alright because I got this!

It was difficult to hear the news, it shocked and shook our family in a whole different direction. But then, it is normal I guess to feel this way. My significant other would say “It’s okay to feel those emotions”. I think it really is okay to be a mess sometimess I guess.

This cancer thing is horrible. I think of thousands and millions of families going through this every year and it saddens my heart. I definitely wish for this to be over. It’s one thing if my family member was in an accident but to see him suffer through chemo is the worst feeling. At times, I really wish I was a doctor. But then I will be the worst doctor, mixing emotions into professionalism etc.

So I would like to dedicate this post to all those who are going through cancer and their family members as well. I still haven’t figured the best way to deal with this horible disease, if I do, will definitely post…:[

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