Who says we can’t have fun with words like “Best is Yet to Come”

Who says we have to live this life without fun. Speaking of fun, by now you are aware how much I love writing to my blogs. I once met a girl who was so beautiful and into sticking letters to the walls to express herself.

I think everyone has their own way of expressing who they are as a person and this girl liked some of the words she liked on her wall. As a writer who loves words to express thyself, it was so cute to see her do that. She would have these cursive black stick letters and put them all together to form cool inspirational words.

I love creative people like her. Before it never occurred to me to make my room walls personalized and put vinyl wall decals. It was such a beautiful idea especially since at that time graduate school was hard for me and I needed to remind myself with words like “Best is Yet to Come” haha and “You will pass this test” :p

You can definitely purchase, these peel-and-stick letters and put together your own inspirational quotes.

It is so true there is no limit to a person’s imagination. We can make the walls look however way we like. I fully support the idea of wall decorations. Here are some inspirations for you and your wall. May your wall be as beautiful and creative as they look below 🙂

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