That Special Day Planning

I realize planning a wedding can be very a difficult thing and I wanted to provide some tips for the new bride to be’s. It only happens once in person’s life and from picking a dress to finding a venue can be very hard.

I am compiling some useful linksthat can serve as a beginning guide. I really like this website because it has a generalized overview of some of the checklists.

I think it is definitely something that takes time and energy. Before I start anything my routine is always to start with book. I don’t know why but something about the books makes me happy, to know have some kind of a content as to know what I am getting myself into.

I think this book pretty much covers some of the essential points about planning. It has also tips for budget weddings, which is always helpful. Here some of the other wedding on budget books I like.

Lastly, Martha Stewart’s Book, which has all the necessities jam packed in this book.

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