Simplicity, Barn Wedding and Marriage Celebration

Sometimes it is good to only focus on few things rather than multiples. A person’s mind is only able to handle such limited information and being able to filter it requires lot of energy.

If I were to picture my wedding, it will be at a simple, smaller barn or farm wedding venue with those Christmas lights (yes it has to have those Christmas lights :D) probably like in my girlfriends’ venues in Virginia. I think they were absolutely beautiful, simple, elegant and everybody had such great time dancing! They reminded me of what true weddings should be about, a celebration between God’s union of a two couple!

I think there are so many good values of minimalism and what it suggests.

Weddings these days have become such money driven industry in that people put price tag to everything, when in truth it is just a celebration of two people forming a family!

So if I were to picture it, it will definitely be a barn wedding, simple and elegant solitaire round ringand this beautiful beaded appliques long sleeve.

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