I admit being productive makes me motivated in every aspect of my life. I also admit it is one of the hardest things to do. I realize small things such as a good laptop stand and good office environment truly makes a big difference.

Few days ago, I was looking for an office desk that was comfortable when I sit and write. I don’t know where I learned but when sitting in the office, the monitor should really be facing right in front of your eye. Slight mismatch of the angles resulting in eye problems in the future.

Sometimes I get amazed at how much I get influenced by trivial information, but I guess they do make a difference in being productive.

So I went and checked laptop stands on Amazon, which came in variety of shapes and forms.

I love how amazon has everything, I definitely liked this adjustable stand for my desk and the way it looked. It was light and space wise, I am a minimalist, so I was able to utilize the space below to put phone and other office products.

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