Journey to Fulfill the Highest, Truest Expression of Yourself As a Human Being

What a transformational year for me! I am learning about life, relationships and writing.

I never took my writings into a next level and I admit I have some fears about it.

That is okay, we all do.

Oprah says, we all have one goal in this life, the goal of wanting to fulfill the highest, truest expression of yourself as a human being!

I wonder around her saying and what she means.

I consider myself, a person who always tries to maintain peace no matter the circumstances. When it comes to fight-or-flight response, I am definitely mixed. Sometimes, I try to fight and at other times, I leave it, but I admit, I am not intellectually ripe enough to judge my decisions.

Things happen, we mourn and we move on, but I just wonder if there is a cross crossroad between heartbreaks and peace.

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