About Minimalism, and Staying True to Yourself

I realize, once you make the decision to downsize it is important to stay true to yourself no matter what. What is it that makes a minimalist person unique? It is definitely staying true and disciplined to know the results will be worth it.

Of course, the idea of minimalism is not just to fully limit yourself from everything, you are allowed to have fun with indulgence from time to time. It is like loosing weight in that it requires discipline, patience and hard work.

I am on a mission to loose few founds however I cheat from time to time. I love my body enough to not go crazy like dieting full-time and starving myself to death.

One thing that I like about minimalism is the results and being able to control my desires, make sure to have good intention as I enter into consumerism.

I thought about writing about fashion and I just couldn’t be true with myself in that arena of blogging. So for now, I am going to only stick to what I enjoy, my viewpoints and value of balanced living.

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