Believing in Yourself & Motivation

Today I would like to make this post about motivation and believing in yourself.

Many times, we are influenced by the outside factors without us knowing and we think that it is the most important thing that we need to focus when in reality it isn’t.

The most important thing that we need to focus is our goals.

I admit past couple of days, I was unsure of my number one goal and definitely got shaken by outside influence. I now understand and admit it.

I was watching healthy lifestyle videos on youtube and it really made me think about how people buying the content.

This youtuber I call C, was talking about mental and emotional health and how taking a bubble bath will just magically solve this problem. I disagree and it really depends on the individual person and specific emotional issue.

I am inspired now to share my journey on the topic of healthy lifestyle. So here we go 2019, let us inspire people the right way and empower people to a positivity.

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