Simple and Better Way to Manage Your Hunger & Appetite

Do you feel hungry and have the need to eat some soup and salty snack just to fill somethings especially in the evenings? I do!!! I admit the cheating and the bad feeling afterwards.

I think there is definitely a reason. You see, I grew up in one of the families who would tell the children to not leave any food in their plates and I believe that habit followed to my adulthood.

So I have been observing my eating pattern past couple of days and I am surprised to find out that I am naturally drawn to evening snacks without realizing.

I once read that you can hack your brain by altering the daily habits. Today, I am happy to report that I found a way to suppress my evening hunger.

Sunflower seeds! That is right and it is resolving the current issue pretty well at least for me.

Sunflower seeds are so beneficial that they are antioxidants, packed with Vitamin E and Magnesium as well as Fiber. I highly recommend not just for weight loss but also as a general healthy snack!

Now, the trick is to roast them for few minutes and add, the glorious Garlic Powder! Turns out am-azing!

When it comesto weight loss, I think being able to enjoy the food as you eat is very important and that includes seasoning!

So I am happy I making some progresses but still have some ways to go! Oh well, it is the small steps!

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