Organizing Your Planner, With or Without Tabs

What type of planner do you use and why?

I think planners are great and there is something about organizing them to your own taste. Planners are not just for students to keep track of their classes and assignments although if you are a student who doesn’t have one, I highly recommend you to look into. For students who are under budget, they can simply use the ones your school give for free!

I used to use one from my school but they were horizontal and there was something about horizontal planners and notebooks that somehow I cannot make myself to like them.

As much as dorky as it sounds, I prefer everything vertical and that is just how I am. I am a “list”-girl and everything-vertical-girl if that makes sense.

Past four years, I experimented with three different planners and here are the things I observed.

1. Erin Condren Planner


I like how customizable it was and the graphics, color, the quotes and inspirations were beyond what I imagined and they were beautiful. The pages were thick and of good quality. Oh and they did have tabs, which was convenient as you don’t have to separately get those! With regards to inspirational pages, they were beautiful and I saved some of them to decorate my fridge.


The cons I observed were the weight and how bulky it was. To be honest, it is not much of a deal breaker, but at that time it felt heavy for some reasons. May be it was because as a minimalist, I prefer things of light nature. The last dislike was the coil. I know this may come as a surprise but it was just too big for my liking. I think at one point, I tried to shrink them by hand, which was a bad idea. Oh well, I guess I am glad I tried it.

2. Passion Planner


It was minimal in terms of design and color. In fact, it was black and white pages filled with Road Map, I believe it’s called that you can draw your goals.

The cover of the book I selected was like black leather and it came with laptop stickers that said “Action Cures Fear” and “Passion Planner”. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of the stickers, but then I thought of Action Cures Fear and said why not. It felt motivational somewhat at that time. Oh and the fact that it came in two different size was a great option. I got the small one and it was not as heavy as it looked.


Now the cons was the lack of monthly tabs, which is where I wasn’t too happy about. Then again, Amazon solved this problem in as fast as two days, so didn’t complain.

3. At-a-Glance Hourly, Weekly Planner


It was a simple black planner and I liked the quality of papers and how it was big enough space-wise as I tend to write a lot. It was perfect for me as I had started grad school at that time and I did not have the time to sit and research about planners.


Just wished the cover was little hard. It felt boring as the pages were thin and you could see the prints on the other side. So paper quality wise, it was weak and it had this darker grey tone/shade. When it comes to planners, I prefer quality of papers and this just didn’t have that quality.

4. Panda Planner


This year I am experimenting with something new and I love Panda Planner so far! Honestly this year I researched about quality planners and after seeing how it got ranked as one of the top planners on Business Insider, I really wanted to get it and I am happy with my choice!

I tend to write my to-do for the day a lot and with panda planner it’s possible because there is this area called schedule task! There is a priorities area and as I am a fan of Brian Tracy, this list was nice to have. When we have to-do-list, there are some priority goals and non-priority to-dos. So I was glad this planner came with it. Other than this, it has a nice hard cover and quality of papers.


I don’t really care about end-of-day or morning reviews but I guess it is there for others to reflect about their days. So some spaces like reviews just stay there and I don’t know what to do with them. I realize I can customize them and use stick papers to use for some more tasks. A pinterest for that! Oh and the other con is that it is only 3 months. Other than that I love this planner and I think this is the favorite of all the planners I used so far.

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