There is just something about top bound notebooks and having to do list on paper. I came across with Steno Pads right when I started my first job after grad school and boy I am a fan forever!

It just is my kind of a notebook top to bottom from how I can include all my to do lists to naming the pages.

It is one of those essential items that you feel thankful that they exist to add to your life’s productivity. I really like small things like this. They add up to be the biggest difference makers.

There is something about writing down your list to pen and paper that forces me to look at them later. I think there is a whole psychology behind of writing things down.

Papers are not as thin and there is no joy like using notebook space effectively. (Yes, I am conscious about those things).

On top it’s Amazon’s best seller. (As you can see, I am conscious and biased :p)

Whether it is the shopping lists or daily chores, I highly recommend these!

Thumbs Up for Steno Pads!

Well, if you are in to blank paper notebooks (which I am), here are the ones I like

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