Importance of Cotton, Allergy & Textile Dermititis

Have you ever experienced allergy with fabrics and is it an issue for you?

Ughh, those annoying feelings of non-itch and how much I despise.

Growing up, I was one of those kids who were always allergic to dustmites. Now I don’t know if there is a connection with it, but recently as in the last two years or so I discovered that I had some allergic reactions to polyester, nylon and any textile products that use harsh chemicals.

I think allergies are difficult issues and since it happened, I have become a police of spotting polyesters in clothes, always checking the tags and whenever traveling, checking the cotton fabric of the mattresses etc.

I admit, I will not ever avoid polyester, nylon or harsh chemicals, but I can prevent it in few efficient ways I realized.

By the way, I came across with this Eco Friendly Pillows that are quality cotton covered pillows and I like them.

I never considered the idea of putting another layer on top of my mattress until recently. Most important thing is to make sure it is cotton.

I would usually get a mattress protectors from Amazon and think I am good for keeping dust-mites, when really mattress layers are the solution.

If you are looking into pillows and layers, check out my personal favorites.

I love this cover that is hypo-allergenic by Hospitology Products and it is a life-saver.

For the pillows, Keetsa’s Eco Friendly Pillows were amazing.

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