Swimming for Weight Loss

Today, I went for the first time after many months to a swimming pool. It was amazing because now I no longer have to worry about loosing weight (#1), (#2) I passed the crazy unnecessary ridiculously hard health tests.

I once read swimming is one of the best ways to loose weight. It seems it’s easier for the people who have knee and joint problems. Few months ago, I was diagnosed with, meniscus knee and I had no choice but to rehab. It was definitely frustrating not being able to move much. I depend on exercising and running regularly and being not able to do was difficult.

Swimming will not put much pressure on the knee and joints as running (for those with joint issues) and so I definitely recommend it for those who want to loose weight and stay fit.

Here is my swimming routine.

I swim for about five laps at a low intensity and on the sixth lap, I increase the intensity by swimming as hard as I can. Then, I alternate laps of high and low intensity 10 to 12 times, finishing with five low-intensity laps.

There is a nice feeling afterward swimming as the knowledge of calories being burned makes you happy.

Some of the swimsuits I like because they are black and plain:

I think I have a thing for the black colored swim outfits :p

You can get swimming caps and goggles for cheap from Amazon. Here is the full list of what you might need to start swimming.

Lastly, this coolest technological advancement. Swim with headphones under the water!

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