Small things make the biggest difference and Marie Kondo

For me, it is not the brand and fashionable trends that I like, but rather the small things. There is this low cost Asian retail store that I like called Miniso which has such cute things that I always end up having few items whenever I come across with them.

It is definitely the small things for me that make me happy. There is something about appreciating small things in life. Japanese author, Marie Kondo inspired me to love and appreciate my small possessions and she is right. I never noticed the power of happiness in small things.

So I decided to do a small post on the small things that make difference and things I adore. I definitely like the Miniso store from small travel tubes to a self neck massager and scalp massagers!

Now, I cannot live without my iPhone and when it comes to the accessories, I see myself as a plain, minimalist kind of girl who understands the value of my phone and the productivity it offers. Yes productivity haha!

I was given iPhone 6s plus as a birthday gift and I am not sure if it is because of that I love it so much or just the big screen! πŸ™‚

I had this case for my iPhone 6s few years ago, just plain, transparent most importantly protects the phone well. I still use it to this day :p and I love it. I don’t think this was available when I went to go replace it. Either way best case ever owned πŸ™‚

I realize with the phone’s phone battery issues and updates, I probably will need it switched, but the big screen ah :p

For those who still use 6s plus and have battery running out issues, I recommend getting a power bank! I think it is a life saver and one of the smallest things that make me happy haha πŸ™‚

Oh but another small thing is the mAhs or the MilliAmps per Hour. I do not remember exactly remember why but they make a difference in how kong batteries can last. You can read about mAhs here I guess

So I recommend higher milliamp per hour power banks!

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